Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Return your old Avent bottles to Babies R Us

I have been reading about this all over the internet. Where some stores were taking back old Avent bottles even without receipt or packaging. I thought eh that's too much work for me to do and too far to drive if they won't take them. Well tonight we were heading to Manchester for our anniversary dinner so I decided while we were in the area to bring them with us and give it a shot. Sure enough my store did take them back and let me get new BPA FREE bottles. So we ended up returning 8 Avent bottles and getting 8 Dr. Brown's bottles. I did have to pay tax because I didn't have my receipt but hey I got brand new bottles! They gave me $4.99 back for each bottle! These bottles were old too they were given to me before I had Jacob.

Now some stores are giving store credit, some stores are letting you just get new bottles and some stores are not taking them back without a receipt or packaging. So I would call your store ahead of time and definitely not make a special trip out there. The stores technically do not have to take them back since there is no recall on the item. They are just doing this as a courtesy to their customers.