Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coupon Organization

So how do you organize your coupons? A while back I had purchased this plain black plastic index card holder and labeled index cards and separated them this way. WELL, it's hard to have that big plastic thing in my purse at all times and it's not so great to rummage through when you are at the store. Oh and just recently it has stopped closing properly so it is always popping open. I'd love to hear some ideas of how you organize your coupons!


dsr55555 said...

I had 2 plastic bins about the size of a childs shoe box. (I had bought them at the dollar store one year to use as easter baskets) Separated with Card stock paper with type of coupon at the top and put a small envelope or two between each card. It is working great so far. Fits great in the shopping cart, but embarrasses my kids a little when I take it everywhere I go :o)
Made one for my oldest Daughter and she loves it to. Now she can be cool like her Mom when she goes shopping HAHA!

nikki said...

Jess and I put the old faithful to use. I found photot card stock (from the photo boxes you can labal that com with the black bottom and the card stock) we cut them down to fit length wise and took the different sections and exbanded them like laundry includes cleaning and soaps then jess put labals on top so it would be easier to see. we have ones for CVS stop&shop and teds. different stores we go to. I can brign it with me for the party oh wait I leave it in mt car so I have it at all times