Monday, July 21, 2008

Get Your $15 Kimberly Clark Coupon Book!

I just received my kimberly clark coupons in the mail. I had signed up for this awhile ago and totally forgot! It's a Spanish website, but I provided the "translated version" from google. Just click on request your Free book, complete the form and you will get coupons sent to you and an activity book! One side is Spanish and the other is English. There are a bunch of Huggies Coupons, Scott's, Viva paper towels, cottonelle, kotex and more!


Z said...

Wow! I didn't know you could translate your pages and sign up for Spanish-language freebies!
I just hope that coupons are in English as I don't think that many cashiers here would be able to read Spanish. :)

Ronell said...

HAHA! Yes one side is in English and one side is in Spanish!

Cherie said...

I tried to do this, but it didn't let me. I'm not sure why...I wonder if they've reached the max number or something.