Friday, July 18, 2008

Never Underestimate Customer Service

My son's 2nd Birthday is tomorrow. I purchased a pinata and got a bunch of candy to fill it. One of the bags of candy were Sweet Tarts, well as I am loading the pinata with the candy I come across 3 empty wrappers and then 3 with only 1 sweet tart in them when they are supposed to have 3 in each. I mean 1 mess up sure, but that was a lot in a small bag! So I just went online and shot them an email last night explaining what had happened. Today I got a response back apologizing and the customer service rep stated that she would be mailing full value coupons to me. So it never hurts to let a company know when you are not satisfied! On another note it never hurts to also give a company compliments if they go above and beyond and you are very happy with their service! We don't always have to contact them with complaints!