Wednesday, July 30, 2008

YIKES! A New Mail Person!

Mail has been all weird lately coming at like 5 or 6pm etc. Our Mail Lady normally comes at about 11am. Well this morning I look out and there is a new Mail Man. So I go get my mail (hey at least it came on time today) and in it we have a bunch of my neighbors mail! AGH! Who is going to be getting all my hard earned FREEBIES!!! LOL.


Cherie said...

Well, maybe this one won't give you a hard time in the winter at least. :)

Z said...

Same thing happened when our mail lady went on vacation last year. We couldn't wait for her to get back!

Hope you get all your hard earned freebies! (I got loads today: Dove ProAge, Playtex bottle, Huggies diaper + wipes from WalMart, Hallmark card from Walmart, Pond's towelette, BzzKit... can't remember what else...)