Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st Walgreen's Trip **Hidden Money Maker**

I desperately needed diapers and formula for my 5 month old, so I searched high and low for a good deal somewhere. I have never gotten into the whole Walgreens Game before but I heard about the hidden John Freida money maker and the huggies this week give you $2 back in rrs, so I thought heck let's give it a shot. They just opened a brand new store a min down the road.

1st Transaction:
(1) John Freida Luxurious Volume Shampoo $6.49
(1) John Freida Luxurious Volume Conditioner $6.49 buy 1 get 1 50% off

Coupons Used:
$3 off 2 from the cosmo Sept 08 issue

Total OOP: $7.13
RRs Earned: $9.00

2nd Transaction:
(1) Jumbo Pack of Huggies $9.49 (get $2 rr's)
(1) Good Start $10.99

Coupons Used:
$1 off Huggies
$8 Good Start Check
$9 RR's from the 1st transaction

Total OOP: $2.48
RR's Earned: $2.00

I hope some of you Walgreens shoppers can help me out here. I have heard that you cannot roll RR's with Walgreens on the same deal. So for instance I would not be able to use the $9 RR's that I got from the shampoo deal to do the shampoo deal again. Can anyone confirm this? Thank you!


Cris said...

You rock. I got to your site from The Centsible Sawyer and wanted to thank you for the info! I'm a newbie, but excited at all the possibilities! I could use diapers and shampoo for that deal! God bless!

Betsy said...

That is correct, you cannot use the $9 RR from the JF to buy JF again. However, you could turn around and use the Huggies RR to buy more JF!

one frugal lady said...

No, it won't work to pay for things with the RR to get more. They just won't print out for some reason. And there is no way the employees can help you.. they can't control it or something... good luck and great post!

$5 Dinner Mom said...

It's lots of fun playing the Walgreens game! I play CVS too, but the Walgreens is closer! Big deal this week on diapers...they are on $2RR plus a blinkie with $1 off coupons, and I'm a member of Caregiver's Marketplace and get $1 back on every package of Jumbo Huggies. Check it out...that makes this week's Jumbos work out to $5.49. Not too bad! I have been using the $2RR for the 2/$5 (plus 2 $.50) coupons for "free" wipes too. It's a good week if you need diapers and wipes!

Bethany Thompson said...

also, (and i called to confirm this) you can only use one RR for each transaction. i tried to use two seperate RR that i received to pay for another transaction and the computer would not allow both to be used.

Clair said...

Apparantly when things were free after RR people would stand there and keep buying the free items with the RR they had just earned! You know it was all of "us!!" Anyway, to avoid that and make it more fair, you can't gain any RR if you use an RR so you gotta use your RRs for non-RR stuff!! HAHA! it's late, that was a long way around to say that! Anyhoo, check out how to make $17 at WAGS tomorrow on my blog!

Lisa said...

I have five of these John Frieda coupons. Could I use them all in one transaction? If so, would I lose out on any RRs? Because if it means I have to make five separate transactions to earn $45 in RR, I will gladly do that. Has anyone ever experienced this sort of scenario?

Kamie said...

Isn't it $5 RR for the JF?

Ronell said...

Kamie that's why it's a hidden deal. Since this week it is Buy 1 Get 1 50% off for some reason the way the register rings it up it produces $9! I guess it is only on the volumizing though, so make sure you buy the blue bottles! I've heard that all the volumizing products work as well not only the shampoo and conditioner.

Lisa I guess you could do all different transactions and pay all out of pocket and have it work. I guess you just cant roll the RRs. If you try all the same transaction it won't work either. Good luck!!

Cris said...

I went to my Walgreens and the Jf was on sale but did not say that it would give 9RR!?! Is it doing it automatically or was it posted in your ads? Just curious!

Ronell said...

No, nothing will be posted Cris! It's a hidden deal, it's something the way the registers are entering the 50% product into the system that generates the $9! Good luck!

Cris said...

Sadly..the catalina machine was not hidden RR! The manager would not give them to me since it was not posted in the ad. BOO HOO! and I ended up with dawn soap for 57 cents. Sigh! Wanted diapers! It's okay though. Thanks for the heads up anyway! God Bless!

justusseven said...

This is one of those YMMV things. According to Hot Coupon World, you can always use a RR to get another RR as long as the same company isnt giving them. For example, this weeks toothbrush deal is compliments of P&G. If I wanted to use the RR from the toothbrush to get more RR for the cleaning stuff (cascade, febreze, etc) it wouldn't work because that stuff is made by P&G too. So technically as long as you make sure to alternate the manufacturers RR deals you could roll them all day. Some stores have wonkey catalinas that wont allow it and they'll try to tell you its because you used a RR. That's not true. Just ask them to show you anywhere on the RR or in the sale ad where it gives any conditions to getting it. If there are none listed it's FALSE ADVERTISING if they don't give you one. You can contact catalina directly to get one if yours doesn't print. Best place to go for the lowdown on this is hot coupon world. You can do a search for "rolling register rewards" I hope that helped - it took me a long time to figure this stuff out....mainly because it seems like even the stores don't understand it =)