Friday, August 22, 2008

CVS 8/22 - 8/28

My store here is one of the stores that are testing out the new sale dates, so today on my way grocery shopping I stopped by to grab some of the deals. I was SHOCKED to see that a lot of the weekly sales were almost gone and today was the first day!

Total Before Sales and tax: $11.86
Total ECBs Used: $2.00
Total OOP: $1.12
ECBs Earned: $4.49

Here is the breakdown:

2 CVS Handsoaps on sale for $0.79/ea!
2 boxes of Malt-o-meal $1/ea.
1 Kotex Liners $1.49 (get $1.49 back limit 1)
1 Playtex Tampons $4.99 (get $3 back limit 1)

Coupons Used:
$2 off a $10 purchase (see
$1/1 Kotex (mailer)
$1/1 Playtex (mailer)
$2/and CVS Skincare (see
(2) $1/1 malt-o-meal (you can print on my sidebar

The cashier didn't scan one of my $1 coupons so that is why I ended up paying more OOP. Still made a buck something though.


Lorie said...

I can't find those Malt-o-Meal coupons?

Ronell said...

Click on on my sidebar and you should find them there! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can not find the Malt-o-Meal coupons on

Anna said...

Do all CVS stores carry the malt-0-meal cereal?

Ronell said...

You know I'm not sure Anna. I know that when I looked for them awhile back at the store I go to all the time they didn't have them, but this week they are in the ad and they actually had some on the end cap! They only had that one kind available and not too many of them. I know the 24 hour store near me usually carries them though and they have a couple different varieties. So even if your store doesn't usually carry them, they may this week since they are in the ad! Good luck!

As for the others that can't find the coupon on, I'm not sure why! Maybe it's just for my zip code? You can also go to the maltomeal website though and get some coupons off their site!