Friday, August 29, 2008

Tragedy Has Struck My Household

Tragedy has struck! My Husband threw out a MONTH'S worth of inserts on me!!! He had asked me if I was done with the newspaper, we had newspaper laying around so I said yes, not knowing he was actually talking about all my coupons!!!!!!!! So I go to look for my coupons yesterday and I'm like OMG where are they, he says I threw them out you said you were done. I was like NO!!!!!!!! lol. I haven't been clipping them because I haven't had time with the kids keeping me busy, well now I am totally at a loss and only have some of my old coupons left. I am so mad, I can't believe it! I said you saw they were ALL coupons what were you thinking?? He's like well I asked you if you were done! UGH, miscommunication, gotta love it!


Z said...

I feel your pain! My hubby did this to me too not so long ago - just when I started getting the hang of couponing!

I have found that some grocery stores have fliers with manufacturers' coupons (our Giant has booklets with $20+ in Kelloggs coupons) and there are always printables for all sorts of stuff out there :)

Cherie said...

Oh noo!!! I would be so mad! Leave it to Jon... lol

I have doubles and triples of almost all my coupons. I'll share if you want. Also, Gram has extra inserts that she was going to give me. I'll tell her to give them to you instead.

Ronell said...

That would be awesome Cherie! I am so mad, I told him you saw they were coupons!! What the heck were you thinking! lol. He's like well i asked you first!