Friday, September 12, 2008

Dissapointed in CVS?

Who else has been really bummed about the "deals" CVS has been having lately? I for one have been, I actually have had ECBs expiring because the lack of deals! It takes so much to even try to work out a good deal anymore, I mean ones that are worth it for stuff I will actually use. You know? Now it seems there is 1 ok deal so it has been getting harder to roll my ECBs! I have also been finding that my CVS doesn't carry the money makers anymore like the Ambi bar soap that was a money maker, they didn't have it in 2 of my stores here. They only had the more expensive Ambi products. Then I am in one of those test zones where the sales start on Friday and I really don't like it! lol. I liked it better on Sunday when I could match up the coupons with that days paper, now sometimes by Sunday the products I want are gone! Then on top of all that my stores around us are not carrying circulars in the stores anymore!! I said why not? They said it's a new thing they are doing and you get one in your Friday paper, that is fine and dandy but what about those that do not get the paper on Friday? Luckily I do, but I think that is silly that they only have a few circulars attached to shelves in the store now for you to look at!

Walgreens has been looking better and better, I just really got into it this week and plan on doing another run today. Keep it up Walgreens!!


Z said...

Does your store carry Ambi lotions? They are $4.99, but there's a $3 coupon when you register here and you get $3 ECBs back - so it's the same moneymaker as the $1.99 soaps.

I've lucked out at our CVS this week: all summer stuff went 90% off, and I got a charcoal grill for $1.79 and some other stuff really cheap. As far as the ECB deals go, I noticed that I get CRTs to match advertised deals which make it worth going to CVS... other than that I'd have to agree: the deals are not as good as they used to be.

Sure wish we had Walgreens around :)

Ronell said...

Our stores have NO clearance items! well the ones I got to at least. I even found the icepops that are supposed to be marked down 75% and these greedy people are still trying to sell them for full price! I was all excited thinking oooh big money maker! nope! lol.

I tried that link, but whenever I try to fill out the form it doesn't work!

Z said...

Yeah, ours also have ice pops and 'crocks'-like shoes full price, but everything else is marked down. There were no signs in one of the stores, so I had to ask for price of every item before I decided whether to buy it or not, and the cashier was sooo pissed. The other store has a scanner (but it's constantly out of paper, so doesn't print any coupons :() so I was able to check the prices. The signs were 75% off, but everything with the "Fun in the Sun" tags scanned 90% off, and even some playdoh sets were included in the 90% off clearance!
If your store has a scanner, it may be worth scanning a few items to see what the true price is. Or ask the manager why other stores have summer stuff at 90% off and yours doesn't. I did it once when I found the cutest father's day mug a couple of weeks ago and it scanned full price. She just shrugged: "sure, you can have it at 90% off" and I almost did my happy dance right there :)) It never hurts to ask.