Friday, September 19, 2008

My Target Freebies

I went to Target yesterday to get some baseball card sleeves, my god are those things expensive! They only had one size package and that was 65 pages for $9.99. Killed me to buy them, but I wanted to get my coupons all in order, so this is what I decided. Anyway I figured while I was there I better see what other deals I could score. Didn't put much time in planning this trip otherwise I am sure I could have gotten even more deals.

Here is the breakdown:
(2) Electrasol Tabs (25ct bonus boxes) $2.97/ea. Used (2) $2.25/1 coupons from a past insert making them $0.54/ea!

(1) Baseball sleeves $9.99.

(1) Fabreeze Noticeable $5.99. Used $5/1 coupon from the last P&G insert making it $0.99.

(2) Kraft Easy Macs $0.77/ea. Used $1/2 coupon from past insert making them $0.27/ea.

(1) Travel size Gillette shaving gel $0.99. Used $1/1 coupon from past insert making it FREE plus $0.01 in overage.

(3) Travel size Renu contact solution $0.99/ea. Used $1/1 printables (no longer available) making them FREE plus $0.01 overage for each of them.

(2) Travel packs of Schick disposable razors (2ct) $0.68/ea. Used $2/1 coupon from past insert making them FREE plus $1.32 overage for each of them!

My total ended up being $9.92. $10.24 after tax. So I ended up getting all of this stuff for $0.07 less than the baseball card inserts. Not too bad, but that $9.99 still kills me! lol.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the schick razors-2 ct. ? I looked all over our Target and couldn't find them by the regular shaving supplies.

Mommy Managing said...

Have you ever had a problem using coupons for trial sized items? I haven't tried that yet.

Ronell said...

No, I haven't had any problems using them on travel size items, as long as the coupon does not state that you can't use them on travel size. Just make sure it says on ANY size product, etc. I one time had a very RUDE cashier and she said that I couldn't use a coupon when the item was under the coupon amount, I said just adjust it then, she refused I didn't have patience so I had her take all the items off my order that she wouldn't "allow". I was like who the hell are you lady! Sometimes cashiers think they can just make their own rules. I didn't even bother with a manager because I had the two boys with me and didn't have time. So it depends, but they should at LEAST adjust it down to the purchase price.

I found the 2ct in the travel section! I looked and looked and didn't see them either! They were right next to the travel size shaving cream on the very top shelf, they are just wrapped in plastic! Good luck!

beccaboo6132 said...

wow, that was a good deal on electrosol! I paid 1.72 after that 2.25 coupon at walmart! But I was desperate for dishwasher detergent so I couldn't help it. And I only had ONE coupon because they were only in the Boston Globe, not our local papers, and apparently my town only carries TWO copies of it and I let my friend have the other one. lol And SHE doesn't even have a dishwasher!!! =)

Ronell said...

I would ask her for that coupon then! lol.