Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I just found out some interesting information that I never knew before! Save-a-lot accepts manufacturer coupons! I emailed customer service to be sure that they did and sure enough I got a response back stating that they did and to contact my local store to see if they accepted internet coupons. I called and infact my store does take internet coupons! I was so shocked! I had just assumed they didn't since they were a discount store like Aldi. I did ask a cashier at Aldi and she said they do not accept coupons.

If you check This Month's Special Buys you will see that Bounty Single Rolls are on sale for $0.85/ea. There is a coupon from the recent P&G insert for $1/2 any size rolls which makes them $0.35/ea! Now I wish I just had more coupons! I only have one!

There is also a new Baby Club that you can sign up for. I guess they send out coupons! I heard someone received coupons for Luvs diapers and babyfood! For those that don't know already Save-a-lot carries Luvs brand diapers and Beechnut Babyfood at an already discounted price so imagine a coupon on top of that! You have to check your local stores for pricing.

I plan on taking a trip out there today to see what else they carry. They state that they are carrying more baby items than before, so we'll see what they have and I will let you know!