Thursday, September 11, 2008


Total Before Savings: $36.56
Total OOP: $7.56
Here is the breakdown:

(1) Glucose Shakes $5.94. Used $10/1 coupon making it FREE plus $4.06 in overage.

(1) Fabreze Noticeables $5.97. Used $5/1 coupon from a recent insert making it $0.97.

(2) Snuggle dryer sheets $1.87/ea. Used $1/2 coupon from a recent insert making them $2.74 for both.

(2) Huggies Clean Team Wipes $1.64/ea. Used $3/2 coupon from a huggies mailer making them $0.28 for both.

(1) Enfamil Lipil $13.76. Used a $5 Enfamil Check making it $8.76.

(1) 3-pack of boys underwear $3.87.

Not too shabby! I got all this for even less than the cost of the formula after the enfamil check!


Z said...

Wow! That's great!

...Do the coupons beep at WalMart if the coupon amount is higher than the item price (like at CVS)? I don't shop at WalMart that much, but often hear horror stories about WM not taking coupons, so I thought I'd ask before I head over there with a pile of coupons that they might refuse to take. :)

Ronell said...

I would go onto their website and find their coupon policy print it out and take it with you. I guess some walmarts say "we don't take IP" but infact it is Walmart Policy to accept them! So have that on hand if you are not certain about your Walmart. I never have a problem and no beeps for overage. Watch those cashiers you choose though some will adjust down! lol. But ya no beeps as long as you are using the right coupon for the right product!

Z said...

Thanks! I'll have to try it :)