Monday, October 6, 2008

CVS Scenarios

I went to CVS yesterday and will post about that trip once I get my pics loaded. I have a few more scenarios I wanted to post that I plan on doing this week. I think this week is a great week for us at CVS!

Things to note: I need to restock on paper towels so if you need something else you can use a different filler(s) for the same price as the paper towels. Also here in CT the limit on the Always Infinity is at least 2.

Scenario 1:
2 always infinity 4.98/ea
1 bounty 8pk towels 5.99
-3 off 15
-1/1 any bounty from recent P&G insert
-1/2 always pads (not sure which insert sorry)
10.95 get 9.96 back in ECB's (4.98 ea for the always). So 0.99 for an 8 pack of paper towels! Of course I'll be paying with ECBs so it will be nothing oop but I will lose 0.99 in ECBs

Scenario 2:
2 soleil refills 5.99/ea
1 vitamin water 2.29
-3 off 15 (with tax the above should come to 15 if not add a little filler)
-2/1 soleil printable
-2/1 soleil printable
7.27 get 10.29 back in ECB's (4 back for each of the soleils & 2.29 for the water)


Z said...

Isn't the limit for Always Infinity 1 per card?
Also, are Soleil coupons printing for you? I was trying to print them from their website last night, but they didn't print, so I emailed customer service and they replied that the promotion is over.... will have to try your links when I get home.

Ronell said...

Nope! Limit is 2 at least here in CT other areas are reporting that as well. I hope it's true for your area! I printed the soleil coupons on Sunday I think so maybe since so many people were printing they stopped, let me know if anyone gets these to work though!

Ronell said...

Maybe I should bold that part huh? About the limit being 2 here...I think I'll bold it so people see it! lol. I don't think it's confirmed everywhere though! I found out cause I bought only 1 on my card then saw that the limit was not reached yet. So I bought 2 today on hubby's card and the limit was reached and both ECBs printed!

Z said...

Ronell, you are RIGHT!
I bought 1 pk of Always (to be on the safe side) and it doesn't say "offer limit reached" on my receipt. Couldn't print the Soleil coupon though :(