Friday, November 28, 2008

CVS Trip

Great stuff from CVS for our trip! I went on Thanksgiving morning at 8am thought the store opened at 8 it opened at 7 and stuff was already pretty cleared out!

I started with $21 ECBs and ended with $39.10! And that is with buying Pull Ups and Wipes that we needed before we left!

Real Quick I will tell you what Q's are out there that I used...

$3/1 Soleil - Insert
$1.50/1 Colgate - ALL You Mag
$2/1 Maybeline - Insert (the maybeline did NOT print for me. I didn't notice since I was doing back to back transactions, but I figure I made enough and I was thankful for that anyway!)
$1/1 Garnier Wash - Insert
$1/1 Aussie - Insert
$1/1 L'Oreal Lip Colour - Insert (It shows lipstick on the coupon but the lipgloss says lip colour on it as well I was able to use it but YMMV)
$2/1 Pull Ups
$2/1 Wipes from coupon machine at cvs
I am certain there is a printable for the Johnson's lotion, but I had no time to look and print it!

I hope everyone was able to get some great deals!! I want to go back today before we leave for a few more items on Hubby's card. We'll see if I get there and also if there is anything left!!


shawna said...

Great job at CVS. I wasn't going anywhere on Friday, but after I saw your post, I realized I could make $6 alone on just the Soleil, so I went and got 2 free gallons of milk. I have a couple trips planned for today - hopefully there's still some stuff on the shelves. If the Soleil were still there yesterday afternoon, I think that's a good sign!

Any plans for Shaws this week?