Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Betty Crocker Coupons! Great to go with Shaws deal!

Good Morning all! I have even more great news...Betty Crocker just updated their coupons online last night! Go check them out, there are a ton of awesome coupons that will double that go along with the Shaws deal this week!

Also Pillsbury updated their coupons last night as well, so there are a few more veggie coupons added to their site. I think I may need a new freezer by week's end! lol. I've already got Hubby building me some more shelving for all the cocoa and soup we've got! lol. I want to see pics of every one's stockpile by the end of this week!

When stocking up remember this....you are going to eat at least 1 box of those veggies with dinner every night and that is based on a small family so even more if you have a large family. So when your family looks at you like you are nuts when you drag in bags and bags of boxed veggies just remember how quickly you will go through them all, then you will be mad you didn't grab more when they were FREE! Same with the hot cocoa, I now have 50 some odd boxes and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Free is free and these don't expire until 2010. Think of how much cocoa you go through in the winter. There are 10 servings in each box, say you and your family have a cup of cocoa each night 1 box won't even last one week! Plus I was able to give some to my dad! I guess what I am saying is that we are blessed with this sale, so take advantage and stock up on the things that don't expire, you can never have enough that is one thing that I have learned. Before I would only buy a certain amount of something and think oh there is no way we will use all this and sure enough I am kicking myself wishing I would have gotten more! And if for some reason you and your family don't end up using it all, give it away and help others out! Tis the season for giving!


Innocent Observer said...

Could you tell me the details of the Con-Agra Deal? I haven't seen it advertised anywhere and I would like to know why it works. Thank you!

Ronell said...

I have no clue WHY it works! lol I just know it does! The only items that we have had success with though are the cocoa and cans of soup, so that is all I am sticking to this week! I have heard that in next week's ad it is actually advertised and there are other items on sale. I will be posting that, but not until Thursday so I don't confuse everyone with all of the different promos going on at Shaws! lol.

BECKY! said...

I tried the H.C. Microwavable Bowls today and they worked with the deal too!