Friday, November 21, 2008

Shaws Kraft Promo (FREE Turkey) 11/21 - 11/27

Remember that the Kraft Promo is based on PRE-SALE prices, so this week I have a good scenario for you to get lots of crackers and a FREE Turkey!!

Purchase: 8 boxes of Wheat Thins and/or Triscuits $2 this week
Pre-Sale Price: $26.32 (based on $3.29 pricing at my store in CT)
After Sale Price: $16.00
Coupons: (4) $1/2 Store coupons and (2) $3/4 coupons from that tearpad I told you about 2 weeks ago.
Total OOP: $6 and get your $10 Turkey Cat!

$6 for 8 boxes of crackers and a Turkey is pretty good in my book! Just remember to get the Turkey sale price of $0.48/lb you need to purchase $25 worth of groceries. You can easily do that and use coupons to get your OOP much lower than $25!

If you do not have that tearpad coupon you can use this $1/2 printable and you would use 4 of them along with 4 of the store coupons. Your total would be $8 OOP. Still not bad!!!


Innocent Observer said...

The CATS are for one "fresh" turkey, so you can't use it on the 48 centers. :(

Thanks for the deal!


Karen T said...

I'm kind of new, so forgive me if you've explained this before, but how do you use more than one of the store coupons without anyone saying anything? It says limit one per transaction or something on the coup. I want to try this this afternoon, but wondered if you had any tricks.

Innocent Observer said...

Also, can you use four of those store coupons? My store is strict!

WVWOTD: hymersed

Sue said...

Question for you...the shaws store coupon states 1 per customer per can you use 4?

Ronell said...

Hello All!

Kerry: Yes you can use them on the frozen turkeys, we have all been using them the whole week! Enjoy!

For everyone else asking about the store coupons. I am always (knock on wood) allowed to use more than 1 at a time. Many other people have been reporting they are allowed as well, if you have a strict store though they may not allow you. My store is pretty strict and lately pretty uncoupon friendly, but I have never had an issue with it. Worth a shot! Good luck and let me know how it works for you all!

Anonymous said...

Cool Blog, Dealfinding Mom!

Luvthedeals :)

BECKY! said...

Thanks for the scenario! Us Massholes aren't allowed to buy beer at the grocery store so I probably can't get the tearpad Q!

I've used many of the same Qs before in the same purchase and have never had a problem. I giggle them all up though. Mostly because I don't want the cashier to count 2 as 1.

Amy said...

Can you tell me in order to get the .48 price on the turkey, is the $25 you spend based on presale prices/coupons or do you really need a TOTAL of $25? thanks!

Eden C. said...

Well I was going to ask about the frozen/fresh turkeys, but guess my question has already been asked!

However, I was looking for where you said you told about the tearpad coupons "two weeks ago" & couldn't find it. So I was wondering where I get them. Thanks!

I am so excited about this week!

Ronell said...

Hi Amy yes you have to buy $25 in sale price groceries. I would put the turkey last on the belt so you can be sure it rings up right. Then you hand over all your coupons and get that $25 a lot lower oop!!

Eden: The tearpad I was talking about was on a beer display it was $3/4 crackers. HTH!

Lori S. said...

I tried to do this Kraft promo deal today, and my $10 turkey catalina didn't print. Customer service person said it's based on final price, not on pre-sale prices. Since this has worked for other people, I am wondering if there's some other reason it failed for me. I bought 2 cracker barrel cheeses and 5 nabisco crackers; pre-sale price was well over $25. However I tried to double-dip and use the "save $4 when you purchase (2) Nabisco Crackers or planters peanuts and (2) coca cola 12 packs" coupon as well. I wonder if that had anything to do with it?

BTW, I couldn't find the $3/4 tearpad coupons anywhere in my store. So all in all, for me this deal ended up not being as good as I had hoped!

I have no problems using multiple store coupons in a transaction. My store (Canton, CT) is quite coupon-friendly. I use expired coupons all the time and the cashiers don't even blink :)