Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm Back and I Have Some Pampers Points For You!

Hey all, we're back from FL and boy do I wish I was still there! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we all had such a great time! Let me tell you for those that don't know if it is worth it to bring your 2-2 1/2 year olds there - IT IS! Jacob had such a great time, he loved riding all the rides and meeting all the characters! His favorite by far was getting to meet Shrek and Donkey! You should have seen his face light up when he met them!

I also have 11 Pampers Points for those of you that collect them! Sign into your account and enter these two codes: WELCOME2GTG0809 and WEAPPRECIATEU08.



sarah marie said...

so glad you are back! Your blog was one that helped get me started couponing a few months ago, and I still check here regularly for inspiration! :)