Sunday, February 1, 2009

CVS Trip 2/1

I had a TON of expired ECBs to roll, I just haven't been that into CVS for the past month I'd say so I let them all expire, so bad! So I went to my local store which I LOVE (besides for them having really poor stock) and they let me use them all! I even had one from dec! I was so happy, I even made money, can't beat that! So here is what I got and of course my store was already out of the weekly deals so this is what I was able to search for and make happen!

Total Before Savings: $61.36
Total OOP: $0.00
ECBs Used: $31.37
ECBs Earned: $39.47

(1) Pantene $5.99 (get $2 back)
(2) EARinse $7.99 (get $7.99 back limit 2)
(1) Excedrine Travel pack $2.49 (get $2.49 back limit 1)
(5) BodiHeat 3-packs $3.99 (get $3 back limit 5)
(2) StayFree Pads $3.99 (get $2 back)
(3) J&J First Aid Kits $0.99

Coupons Used:
(1) $10/$50 printed from the coupon machine in store
(1) $2/1 Pantene mailed to me
(5) $1/1 BodiHeat peelies found on the packs making them FREE after ECBs!
(1) $3.99 B1G1 FREE StayFree coupon from inserts making them FREE after ECBs!
(1) $3/2 J&J First Aid from making them FREE!

Total OOP: $0.00
ECBs Used: $31.37
ECBs Earned: $39.47

It was a great trip because even though my store was out of everything I was able to find the monthly items to make it work! Check for the BodiHeat peelies on the pack because those are a great way to roll your ECBs! I was able to use my expired ones today AND make money win win!