Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shaws Trip 3/18

Total Before Savings: $59.85
Total OOP: $1.12
CATS Used: $14.00
CATS Earned: $11.00
Total Cost: $4.12

(6) 6packs of Poland Spring Water $2.00-$1/1 coupon = $1.00/each (FREE after CAT)

(1) Huggies Natural Care Wipes $2.99-$3/1 printable from my side bar = FREE

(1) Ziplock Containers (5ct) $2.50-$0.75/1 printable = $1.00

(1) Hood Frozen Yogurt (not pictured) $3.79-FREE coupon in freezer book = FREE

(1) Shaws Bagels $1.25-FREE coupon in freezer book = FREE + $0.14 overage

(2) Dove Pro Age Body wash (50% off) $3.99-$1.50 coupon = $2.49/each (FREE after CAT)

(1) Gillette Satin Care (75% off) $0.80-$1/1 coupon = FREE + $0.20 overage

(2) Lysol Wipes (BOGO) $2.99-$1/2 coupon = $0.99/each

I received a $5 CAT for buying the 2 Dove Body washes which makes them FREE, plus Poland Springs is giving a $2 CAT for every (2) 6packs of flip top waters you buy which made those FREE as well! I forgot to use my ziplock coupon (total duh moment) so I ended up paying full price for them! (gasp!) I might take the receipt back if I end up going back for more water today. We'll see.


Eden C. said...

Where did you find the satin cares? Just curious. I got three coupons for those, so I was going to see if my store had any of them clearanced. Thanks!

Ronell said...

They are with the razors and shaving cream. Some stores don't have them marked so price check them. It was the Vanilla Dream ones. But you shop at Enfield right? Good luck because a lot of folks on SD shop in Enfield!

Eden C. said...

oh & do you know how long the water & dove deals are? i was just wondering if they ended today or would be there next week. thanks. :)

Ronell said...

The dove I believe ends on Friday and the water I'm not sure when it ends, but the sale 2/$4 ends today.

Eden C. said...

oh okay...well i wasn't sure if it would be seperated on the clearance racks or just with the shaving stuff. yeah i shop enfield, so have a lot of competition! ;) lol...