Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shaws Trip 3/27

Total Before Savings: $61.44
Total OOP: $4.96
CATs Used: $10 and a FREE Milk
CATs Earned: 3 FREE Milk

(2) Lemons 3/$2 = $1.34 - (2) FREE lemon Q's from shaws printable q's = $0.26 in overage (the q's scan giving you $0.80 off each lemon)

(4) Manns Fresh Veggies $1.00 = $4.00 - (4) $0.55/1 printables = FREE (cashier did not allow the overage)

(1) 5lb bag of Potatoes $0.69 w/ front page flyer coupon

(2) Cocoa Krispies $2.00 = $4.00 - (2) $0.70/1 from insert (someone sent me these our area did not get them) = $1.20 or $0.60/box! I also used (2) $1/3 Shaws pintable q's for the 7 boxes of cereal I purchased.

(4) Frosted Flakes $2.00 = $8.00 - (2) $1/2 printables from my side bar = $6 or $1.50/box

(1) Apple Jacks $2.00 - (1) $0.70/1 = $0.60

(3) bottles of Soda for Bday Party $1/each

(1) Chips AHoy (needed these for the bday party) $3.00-$1/1 cookies WYP milk = $2.00

(1) Hood Milk $4.49 - FREE Milk CAT from last week = FREE

(1) Shaws Butter (needed we were totally out) $1.99

(1) cupcake liners (needed for bday party) $1.59

Things to Note:
  • There is a Shaws printable this week for $1/3 Kelloggs cereals
  • Purchase 7 cereals and receive 3 CATS for FREE Milk up to 4.69
  • I spent $5.80 on 7 boxes of cereal and got the 3 FREE Milks (totally worth it cheaper than buying 3 gallons of milk and you get the free cereal!)


Kristie Kay's Blog said...

wow you got a lot of stuff for little money that is what i am trying to do and it isn't just stuff that you would get for free and not use it it looks like you would use all this stuff

Erin said...

nice job saving! i was wondering where you got the coupon for Mann's fresh veggies...

Ronell said...

Added the link, although I just checked and now it is showing me $1/2 peas, so I'm not sure if since I printed it already it is not showing or if they switched up the coupons. Good luck!

Diana said...

Silliest question ever.. can I just throw the bags of Manns veggies in the freezer, or can they not be frozen?

Ronell said...

Hi Diana, I don't see why you couldn't. They are fresh already cleaned veggies!