Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shaws Trip 3/27

Needed eggs to make more cupcakes for my son's birthday, so I ran to Shaws real quick.

Total OOP: $5.98

(2) Kraft Parm Cheese $3.99-$1/1 coupon from a booklet found in shaws a few weeks back = $2.99/each

(1) Hood Frozen Yogurt FREE w/ the Freezer coupon book

(1) Dozen Shaws Eggs FREE w/ in ad coupon and purchasing (2) Kraft Parm Cheeses

Total: $5.98 for 2 parm cheeses and eggs, not too bad! Would have cost me $7.17 at Aldi to purchase those 3 items.


Eden C. said...

my ad says that the parm cheese is $5.49 & you get a free dozen eggs when you buy two. so i was just wondering how you got them for $3.99 each...thanks!

Ronell said...

The regular parm cheese is $3.99 and then the mix blended parm cheese is 5.49, so look out for hte 3.99 one! Some stores don't have it though, I know one store I went to didn't.

Eden C. said...

thanks. i will be on the look out. where did you get the cheese coupon? it wasn't in the frozen booklet, i didn't think & i didn't know there was another coupon booklet out since then...

Ronell said...

The coupon was from a booklet that was near the Kraft parm cheese a month ago I think.