Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walgreens Trip 3/2

Total Before Savings: $20.34
Total OOP: $2.51
I did this in 3 different Transactions for less OOP. Here they are:

Transaction #1
(1) Vaseline Lotion $2.69

Coupons Used:
-(1) $1.25/1 lotion from 3-1RP

Total OOP: $1.53
RRs Received: $2.00

Transaction #2
(1) Colgate Max Toothpaste $3.29
(1) Royal Pudding $0.39 (filler item)

Coupons Used:
-(1) $1/1 colgate
-(1) $2 RR

Total OOP: $0.70
RRs Received: $3.50 (toothpaste)

Transaction #3
(2) Reese's Peanut Butter Mixes 16.6oz $3.50
(3) Royal Puddings $0.39 (filler)
(1) Raisins $1.00 (filler)

Coupons Used:
-(1) $2/2 reese's coupon from 1-25SS
-(1) $3/2 hersheys candy from the easysaver catalog
-(1) $3.50 RR

Total OOP: $0.28
RRs Received: $0.00

I could have done better had I had my coupons with me. I was sick and it was my bday so I wasn't all there yesterday to work the deals in my head! lol. I could have bought another lotion instead of adding rasins and pudding as fillers (but my kids love those anyway so no biggie) then I would have gotten $2 RRs back for the lotion. Those big bags of candy though end up being $1/each! Great price, candy is sooo expensive I plan on saving 1 of the bags for Easter baskets this year!


vicjbr said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Naturally Frugal Mama said...

Curious: how did you get a $3.50 RR for a $3.29 toothpaste? It's advertised as a $3.29 RR here.

I see you used one coupon per item. Is Walgreens rule that you can only use 1 coupon per item or the RR won't print? I remember something about that.

Ronell said...

Thanks so much vicjbr!

NFM - they rounded up and produced a $3.50 RR for the toothpaste so it's an even better MM. It was advertised as $3.29 here as well so I was surprised when I got the 3.50! Yes, that is the one thing I don't like about Walgreens. You need to have 1 item per coupon you use, RRs count as coupons as well. So a lot of times you are adding fillers! We had nothing cheap in our clearance here, so the cheapest thing was pudding! The easysaver coupons and in ad coupons don't count though, meaning you do not need to add a filler for those. Just for your manufacturer coupons and the RRs.

Naturally Frugal Mama said...

I also got a $3.50 RR for my toothpaste, as well as $8 for the $7.99 Blink eye drops, for which I had a $2 off coupon.