Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CVS Trip 4/27

Total Before Savings: $59.09
Total OOP: $1.62 (phew that's high for me!)
ECBs Used: $22.99
ECBs Received: $21.00
Total Cost: $3.61
(2) Lady's Speed Stick 24/7 $3.00 (get $4 back WYP 2)
(1) Schick Intuition $8.99 (get $4 back)
(1) Charmin $9.99 (get $2 back)
(2) V8 Splash $2.99 (get $2 back WYP 2)
(2) Bandaids $3.49 and $4.49 (get $10 back WYP $20)
(2) Cortaid $4.49 (get $10 back WYP $20)
(1) Neosporin $6.19 (get $10 back WYP $20)

Coupons Used:
(1) $10/$50 CRT
(2) $1/1 Lady's 24/7 from 4-26SS
(1) $4/1 Schick from 4-26SS
(2) $2/1 V8 Printables (I realized once I left the store the printable was for Fusion and what I bought was actually Splash, so this coupon should not be used)
(2) $1/1 Bandaids from 2-08SS and 4-26RP
(2) $1/1 Cortaid from 4-26RP
(1) $1/1 Neosporin from 4-26RP
(1) $2/1 Neosporin CVS CRT
(1) $2.50/$10 in Pain Reliever CVS CRT


In the flyer it states bandaids starting at $1 my store had no bandaids for $1 so it totally screwed up my scenario and I had to rework everything. It's ok though because I needed the cortaid and neosporin, so still what I paid OOP was totally worth it. Also for the cortaid, neo and benedryl it states in the ad prices starting at $3.99. At my local store the price tag on the Cortaid said $3.99 and was crossed out w/ black marker and when I checked the price rung in at $4.49. So once again CVS marks up the prices of their items that produce ECBs! I mean I suppose you could probably speak with a manager to get your items for the price in the ad, but to me I just wanted to be in and out of there.


Amy said...

I found a little Johnson & Johnson travel kit with Bandaids in it in the travel section for $0.99.

Ronell said...

Hi Amy, Did those work for the deal? Just wanted to mention that the bandaid coupons that I got say "except trial size" on them.

Eden C. said...

Good job! :o)

Amy said...

My coupons did NOT say "except trial size" and they worked fine. Just took a bit of searching to find them in the store.