Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shaws Trip 4/21

Total Before Savings: $113.83
Total OOP: $12.02
CATs Used: $16.00
CATs Received: $19.50 + $3 off Any Culinary Circle Item
Total Cost: $8.52 (not including the $3 CC Cat)
(1) Boneless Pork Chops $5.14
(2) Fast Fixins Dino Bites $5.99 (didnt know this was part of the pick 4 could have saved even more had I printed the coupons on their website first! oh well!)
(1) Perdue Roaster $5.57
(4) Orville Popcorn $1.67
(4) Reddi Whip $2.50
(2) Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce (marked 25% off) $1.50
(1) Shaws Hot Dog Buns $1.00
(5) Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes $1.50
(2) Red Baron Singles French Bread Pizzas $3.00
(2) Milks
(4) Huggies Clean Team Shampoo (marked 50% off) $2.09
(2) Huggies Lotions (marked 50% off) $2.09

Coupons Used:
(1) $10/$75 (very YMMV if your store will take it before all coupons or not my cashier tonight rocked though! She was so pleasant, best experience I have ever had shopping! Wonder if it had to do with bringing my 2 cute kiddos along :-))
(1) Pick 4 for $19.99 in ad coupon (as I mentioned before this coupon takes off a straight $5.04 so I "paid" $17.65 not $19.99)
(2) $1/2 Orville
(4) $0.50/1 Reddi Whip
(2) $0.55/1 Kikkoman peelies
(5) $1/1 Muir Glen
(2) $0.75/1 Red Baron Singles (from last weeks SS)
(2) FREE Milk CATs (my last 2...so sad!)
(6) $1/1 Huggies Bath and Body (from last weeks inserts and printables on smartsource.com)
Used $16 in CATS

Received $10 for the ConAgra, $5 for the Huggies, $3 for the Muir Glen, $1.50 for the Kikkoman and $3 off ANY Culinary Circle Item for the Huggies.


The Huggies products did not ring up sale price, so I received 2 free and got the difference for the other 4. So with my refund and the coupons used I really only paid $2.40 for all the Huggies and got back $5 and a $3 off CC! Had they rung up 50% it would cost you $6.54 and received the $5 and $3 CAT, which is a great deal!

Muir Glen ended up costing me $2.50 and I got back $3 so another money maker!

Kikkoman ended up costing me $0.80 and I got back $1.50 yet another money maker!!


Patti said...

You can still use the coupon!

Long story short, I didn't have my coupon with me for my Saturday shopping trip. I called and was informed that I could bring my receipt in with the coupon (even on my regular Saturday shopping day or to any Shaws store) and still receive the discount.

I hope to try it tomorrow. We shall see...

Anonymous said...

do you know if the hotdogs that are free when you buy one work towards the total for the congra deal

Eden C. said...

great job! i am just LOVING this week. :)

Eden C. said...

oh do you know if the taco bell deal is still going on? thanks!

Ronell said...

Yes the FREE Hotdog does count towards the $25.

Eden - the taco bell is over, I was so bummed didn't realize that it was ending or I would have grabbed more! Such a good deal!

Eden C. said...

Aww that is sad! I was going to use that as part of my money towards the $10/$75 deal. Oh well. Thanks! and i was wondering about the hot dog thing too but my question is answered now! thanks.

Ronell said...

Make sure you all purchase the 12oz Hot Dogs and nothing less than that! There are a few of the reduced fat ones that are 11oz and will NOT work.

Erin said...

What are the stipulations of the huggies and muir glen cats? I don't see anything about those in the circular. Thanks!

Eden C. said...

will make sure. thanks for letting us all know! :)

Ronell said...

Erin Huggies is buy $25 get $5 back and a $3 off any Culinary Circle item. The CC items are lower than $3.00 so you'll get overage for that coupon. And it works based on presale price as well.

Muir Glen is buy 5 get $3 back. Cascadian Farms is also included, but I'm not sure what exactly as I just did the tomatoes.