Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Udder Covers Nursing Covers $6.95 Shipped!

Udder has Nursing Covers for $6.95 SHIPPED (normally $32) when you enter the code Slickdeals! They only have pink and blue left to choose from so hurry if this is something you need or you know someone who may need it!


Nicole said...

I got one of these last month, the quality is not that great but it will work.

Jessica W said...

I'm on the site but it still gives me a total of 39.95 shipped? What am I doing wrong?

Ronell said...

Hi Jessica, I'm not sure, I just tested it again and it's still working. When you click on the link it asks you for a code, you put in slickdeals and hit enter. Then you choose the pink or blue add 1 to your cart and it will adjust your total.