Tuesday, June 16, 2009

KMart: (3) 6-packs of Slimfast Optima for $3.97 or $0.97 (if your store accepts printable coupons) after CAT!

So my sister in law just called me and had to tell me about this FANTASTIC deal at KMart that she just discovered today! She went and purchased (3) 6-packs of Slimfast Optima because they were on sale for $5.99 then to her shock she received a Catalina Coupon for $14 off her next purchase of $14 or more! And yup you guessed it she went right back in and bought 3 more packs of the slimfast, used the $14 CAT and received another $14 CAT! Kept rinsing and repeating! This was an awesome find for her! She's read my blog but kept telling me that it's too confusing and she has no clue what I am talking about half the time, but she scored her very first CAT today and I think she is hooked :-)! Thanks so much for the heads up Erika I am sure the readers will love it!

Just FYI - She purchased all three flavors and keep an eye out for the bonus packs w/ 2 extra cans!

If your store accepts printable coupons you can go HERE to make this deal even better! I believe this is a $3/2 multipack coupon making it only $0.97AC and CAT!


Sue said...

I went last night to my Kmart in Central MA and did not get the catalina :(

Sue said...

I did a little research as to why mine didn't print out and here is what the catalina is actually for:
Sc Johnson
Spend $20.01-$35 & Get $3
Spend $35.01-$50 & Get $7
Spend $50.01 or More & Get $14

So it seems to me that even at full price the three packs of slimfast should not have triggered a $14 catalina-maybe a $3...so if it did work for her, it indeed was a fabulous deal. I will probably call Catalina later to find out if there is a separate hidden slimfast dea.

Anonymous said...

I tried this today and it didn't work. No CAT printed, only 4 KMART coupons: $7 off groc/drug with $70 purchase, $5 off health/beauty with $25 purchase, $10 off otc meds with 100 purchase, and $5 off groc/drugs with $50 purchase (AND NO SALE OR CLEARANCE ITEMS INCLUDED!!!!) What the heck? I won't be using any of those. Wish the CAT had printed...Anyway, returned shakes. Too bad! :(

Anonymous said...

what is a catalina coupon?