Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shaws Weekly Deals 6/12 - 6/18

Here are this week's coupon match ups for Shaws. Please remember that I don't match up every product that there is a coupon for I only point out what I think is a good deal. Remember that Shaws doubles up to 6 like coupons with a face value up to $0.99 and in most cases you can use a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

Shaws Weekly Coupons


New England Coffee $3.77
- $1/3 Store Coupon AND
- $1/1 Printable
=$2.43 each


Lays Chips BOGO ($3.99)
-$2 Off Produce WYP 2 Lays tearpad
=$3.99 for 2 bags of chips and $2 in produce!


Kellogg's Cereal 3/$9

-$3/3 In Ad Store Coupon
-$3.00 (BOGO Vocal Point Frosted Mini Wheats Q)
-(2) $1/1 Vocal Point Q's or
=3 boxes for $1.00 or $0.33 each

Cains Mayo $1.99
-$1/2 from 5-17SS (I know some areas got better coupons than ours!)
=$1.49 each


Save $10 on your next shopping trip when you buy $25 in participating products:

(These are the PSPs that I had from the last promo)

Banquet Dinners 5.75-11oz (3/$4)
Rotel Tomatoes 10oz ($1.19)
Hunt's Tomatoes 14.5oz (3/$4)
Hunt's Ketchup 24oz ($2.00)
-FREE Coupon from home mailer
Hunt's Pasta Sauce 26-26.5oz ($1.50)
Hunt's Snack Pack 4-pack
-$1/3 from home mailer
Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta 15oz ($1.39)
-$1/4 from home mailer
-$1/5 from 5-31SS
Chef Boyardee Microwave Cups 7.5oz ($1.39)
-$1/5 from 5-31SS

Hunt's Manwich 15.5-16oz
-$1/3 from 5-31SS

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn ($2.89)
- $1/1 Printable
-$1/2 from home mailer
-$1/2 from 5-17SS

Dannon All Natural Yogurt 32oz
Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt 32oz
Dannon Activia 24oz
Dannon Danimals 6-pack drinkables or 4-pack crushables
-$0.55/1 DND and $1/1 blinkies found

Egg Beaters Egg Product 15-16oz ($3.99)

Reddi Wip 7oz ($3.49)
-$1/1 from home mailer

PAM Cooking Spray 5-6oz ($3.79)
Wesson Cooking Oil 48oz ($5.69)

Healthy Choice Complete Selections 10.5-12.5oz ($3.99)
Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers 9.5-10.4oz ($4.49)
Marie Callender's Pasta Al Dente 10-11oz ($4.49)
- $0.75/1 Printable
-$1/1 from 5-17SS
Marie Callender's Complete Dinners 12.5-21oz ($4.99)
Marie Callender's Pot Pies 16.5oz ($4.19)

I'm Part of the Grocery Gathering check them out for other Grocery Store match ups in your area!


Eden said...

thanks for posting these! i am excited about the new cat deal. this week was great. :D for some reason i couldn't find the new england coffee coupon on the link you have posted. where did you exactly see it? thanks!

Ronell said...

It was right on the first page for me. It's with all the grocery coupons! HTH! I'm going to be posting the PSP that I have for these items soon. Totally sucks they brought the PSP on the canola oil DOWN to the same price as the rest of the oils!

M. Collins said...

Thanks for posting this! Do we know if the PSP for the Dannon yogurt works towards the Conagra deal? And can it be used more than once?

Eden said...

okay. thanks. i will go back & look. you mean the oil psp is now $5- instead of $7.99!? wow that stinks. i loved that last time. will be waiting for the PSPs that you put up.

did you get to do the shaw's deal a lot this week? i got in five times so i was pretty happy about that...

Eden said...

oh i see the psps that you put up just now. sorry!

Ronell said...

M. Collins - If this promo works on PSP which they usually do then I am guessing all the products will be programmed to work on PSP. I hope that helps!

Eden - I actually have been so spent lately that I only made it out to Shaws once this week and that was last night! lol. I did 3 transactions and that was it! Skippy goes fast in our house and so I ordered Q's off ebay and wanted to go and use those up.

6 skippy
3 wishbone bountiful
$8.70 OOP got my $10 back

5 skippy
3 wishbone bountifuls
1 suddenly salad
$8.03 OOP got my $10 back

4 NV Granola bars
2 wishbone bountifuls
1 wishbone dressing
$10.50 got my $10 back

Not even sure if I will be heading out tonight or not. Hope you can find the coffee coupon!

Eden said...

wow. good transactions! i didn't get any peanut butter this time around because I didn't have the 40 cents coupon everyone was talking about. :( oh well. got tons of granola bars, salad dressing, ice cream, brownie mix, etc though. did you do your three transactions right in a row last night? i did two today in a row at the self check out (was worried a cashier wouldn't let me roll my cat) & it went fine except one of the two not-so-nice self checkout cashiers watched me the whole time over my shoulder so that kind of got me shook up...:(

Ronell said...

Some people have issues with coupon users...just ignore them and as long as you know you are doing nothing wrong there is nothing that they can do! I have trips like those as well, it is very frustrating how they make you feel sometimes.

I didn't get any $0.40/1 skippy either we always get the not so hot coupons here in CT! lol. That's why I ordered off ebay, I will do that sometimes when it is something my family uses a lot.

Eden said...

Oh I got the Activia yogurt today & just so you know, it was $3.29 for a four pack. Just in case you didn't know yet!

Here is what I did this morning:
3 Oils. ($5.69 psp each.)
3 Activia. ($3.29 psp each.)
Total: $26.94.
After Sale: $13.50.
Then I used 3 $1 Dannon coupons from various inserts plus three doubler $1 coupons from Big Y.
Total: $7.50.
I also had a $10 cat from last week, so I just filled in with overage till I reached $10.

Have you made it out yet?