Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Shaws Catalina Promo Spend $30 Get $15 OYNP 7/29 - 8/06

Here is what we have been waiting for Shaws Shoppers!! There is a new catalina deal spend $30 get $15 back OYNP!! It does work based on Pre-Sale prices and it started yesterday since it is going on at a few other stores as well. It is quite confusing because there are a lot of items included that are not listed in the ad. If you would like a whole UPC list of items I suggest you visit and check out the WIKI (1st page) of the Shaws thread. They have a link with the entire UPC list of participating items.

Below I have collected some of the Pre-Sale Prices from previous CAT deal posts on my blog and those prices I didn't have I got from all the great posters on SD. As always be sure to check your shelf pre-sale prices before you check out!

Lipton soup mix $1.69
Knorr Sides Rice $1.69 w/veggies $2.29, Pasta $1.79 w/veggies $2.50

BC Frosting $2.19
Specialty potatoes $1.89 regular, sliced and such $2.50
Bisquik 20 oz. $2.69

General Mills Chex Mix $2.69
Gardettos $3.19
Bugles $2.69
100 Cal snack mix $2.99
GG Boxed Veggies $2.00
BC Warm Delights regular $2 mini $2.50
BC cookie pouches $2.19
Suave Professional Shampoo or Conditioner $1.89
Suave Kids hair products 12 oz. $1.89
Suave deodorant $2
Shedds country crock 15 oz regular and plus calcium $2.69

BC Fruit Snacks varied, $2.50, $2.79, $2.99
Progresso Soup $2.50 - $2.99
Skippy $2.59
Wishbone 16 oz $2.79 Bountifuls $3.29
GM Cereals Cookie Crisp 11oz $2.79, Kix 8 oz $3.39 12 oz $4.19, Reese's 13 oz $3.99 , Cinn Toast Crunch 12.8 oz $2.79, 17 oz $3.49, Honey Nut Cheerios 12.5 oz $3.59 17 oz $4.29, Honey Kix 12 oz $3.99
BC Muffin Mix $3.19
Suave Hair spray, mousse, gel $2.50
Suave body wash Apricot or Lavender $2.99, Cucumber or Men $2.50

Lipton Tea bags 100 ct $3.49
Pillsbury Cookie dough ready to bake $3.99, simply $3.99
Yoplait Yo Plus or Fiber One Yogurt 4 pk $2.99
Hellmans Mayo 22-30 oz $3.29
GM Snack Bars or Clusters 7 oz (Nature valley 5 oz nut clusters $3.49)
Dove or Degree ultra deodorant 2.6 dove or 2.6-3 oz degree Dove ultimate $4.69
Degree ultimate $3.99 regular degree girl/men/women $3.19
Men degree absolute $4.99
Dove Go fresh spray $4.99
Vaseline Intensive rescue 3 oz $3.99
Vaseline Clinical therapy 6.8 oz $5.79
Dove or Caress Bar Soap 2 count $2.99, go fresh $3.99
Qtips 375 count $2.99 (500 count $3.89)
BC premium brownie mix $3.00

Chex bars $3.79
CaribuRoasted nut $3.59/$3.79
Fiber One $3.79
Nature valley granola $3.79
Milk N Cereal $3.79
Curves $3.59

Other Items Included:
Ben and Jerrys singles 1.25
Hamburger Helper $1.88 ($2.39 PSP)
Klondike Bars or Popsicle novelties 2.99 ($3.99 PSP)
All Laundry Detergent $3.50 ($5.49 PSP)
Shedds CC sides 4.49
Macaroni Grill kit $4.99
6pk snapple $5
Breyers Ice Cream B1G1 $5.99

**Simple Scenario based on all Printable Coupons**

(4) Breyers Ice Creams BOGO $5.99
(1) ALL Laundry Detergent $3.50 ($5.49 PSP)
(1) BC Warm Delights or Chex Mix $1.67 ($2-$2.69 PSP)
PSP of $31.45 or $32.14
-(2) $1/2 Breyers Printables from my sidebar --->
-(1) $1/1 ALL Printable from
-(1) $0.50/1 Warm Delights or Chex Mix printable from my sidebar --->
=$13.15 OOP get back $15 total of $1.85 Money Maker

As always I will post what I end up buying and my scenarios. Happy Shopping all!


There are so many coupons to print out there right now! Print some from:
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Jamie said...

WOW, this is going to be great!! By my calculations, this will work out to free salad dressing, cereal, etc. AND the Red Plum flyer has applicable coupons!

I'm wondering how the Breyer's works. Do BOGO count as PSP? So I'm wondering if TWO Breyers counts or does the second one not count towards PSP? Anyone know?

Ronell said...

Hi Jamie, Yes the Breyers BOGO is included so both of the PSP's will count. Also you can print $1/2 from my sidebar right now...hurry before it;s gone!

Lori S. said...

Thanks, Ronell! Having a complete list with the pre-sale prices is REALLY helpful!

Jamie said...

Ooh, even better! Thanks!!

Lori S. said...

FYI, I successfully double-dipped on the Skippy Naturals -- buy 12 of them, get back the $15 catalina as described above, plus $6 in catalinas for the "Buy 2 Skippy Naturals, get $1 catalina" deal. This makes for 25c jars of peanut butter!!

Ronell said...

Hey Lori! So sorry I meant to post that if you did that yesterday it would have been free. They were on sale 3/$5 or 2/$3 I forget. So it was a better deal than this weeks sales. Still a great deal though! Especially the rate we go through Peanutbutter!!

Amy said...

I've been getting save $4 off purchase of 5 Breyers cat too each purchase.

Jamie said...

Ok, around here the Breyer's deal got even better. I bought six containers of Breyers for a total of $17.50 ($33 psp). I used my $15 catalina and when I was done, not only did I get the $15 back, it printed ANOTHER $4 catalina towards a future Breyers/Klondike purchase. So I did the deal AGAIN (now it's a $2.50 money maker) and another $4 catalina printed with the $15.

The same thing happened with the cereal. I bought I think six or eight boxes of Kix, and got a $2 off the purchase of 5 GM cereals.

Anonymous said...

do you know if the wish bone bountifull dressing are part of the deal