Friday, August 21, 2009

Shaws Catalina Scenarios 8/21 - 8/27

Here are some scenarios for the Catalina Promo going on at Shaws this week.

Scenario #1:
(5) Bottles of Wesson Oil $2.50 ($5.69psp)
Presale Price: $28.45
Sale Price: $12.50 Get $10 Back
Final Cost: $2.50 for 5 bottles of oil

Scenario #2:
(10) Fleischmann's Margarine $1.25 ($2.59psp)
Presale Price: $25.90
Sale Price: $12.50 get $10 back
Final Cost: $2.50 for 10 packages of Margarine

Scenario #3:
(6) Popcorn $1.67 ($2.79psp)
(4) Fleischmann's Margarine $1.25 ($2.59psp)
-(3) $1/2 popcorn
Presale Price: $27.10
Sale Price AC: $12.02 get $10 back
Final Cost: $2.02 for 6 popcorn and 4 margarine

I need to get the presale prices on the cereals I know that is where the money makers will be adding cereal into your scenarios. So once I have that I will post and figure some more deals out. I wanted to post some simple ones to get you started and most of them do not need any coupons and are still great deals!


Eden said...

I am doing this one:

7 Ketchups. (PS $2.39. Sale $1.)
2 Kellogg's cereals. (PS $4.29. Sale $2.50.)
Total: $25.31 (pre sale.)
Total: $12.00. (after sale.)
Use 3 $1/2 ketchup coupons from inserts.
Use 3 Big Y doubler coupons.
Use 2 $2/1 kellogg's mailer coupons.
Total: $2.00.
PLUS I have another $5 Geissler's coupon (they sent me 5 & Shaw's has been taking them), so I will use that...-$3 & add in $3 in fillers, get everything for free plus earn $10! :)

I am SO excited about it!

Good to see you are back. ;)

Anonymous said...

the oil scenerio does not work.
the catalina does not print because the deals is counting after sale price.
This happened in SHAWS in west lebanon, NH

Naturally Frugal Mama said...

I have only purchased 2 cereals, but here in Boston, the Rice Krispies is psp $4.49 & Frosted Mini-Wheats is psp $4.29.

Ronell said...

Hi annonymous, it does work on presale prices only I hear the vegatable oil is not working for some reason. It seems whenever there is a Conagra cat deal there are always items that aren't programmed for whatever reason! Very frustrating, but the best thing I can tell you is to go to and everyone there has started a list of working and non working items.