Thursday, October 8, 2009

Comcast Customers: FREE HD DVR for a year (YMMV)

I had read on SD about someone on the West Coast getting FREE HD DVR for a year just by asking a Customer Service rep for it. I thought heck worth a shot to see what I can do to lower my own bill! Unfortunately at this time I am locked into the triple play package until the end of November so they could not adjust any of my "package deals" or it would break contract and then they charge a $75 fee for that!

When we first signed up they offered us a FREE trial period of the HD DVR and since it was free we said why not! The trial period was up and they were charging us $15/month plus taxes for this DVR box! I chatted with a rep on Comcast Live Chat Support and I asked him exactly this: "Ok I understand we can't make any changes to my packages due to contract, but I see here I am being charged $14.99/month for the HD DVR. I hear that you guys have a promo going on right now for a FREE year of HD DVR, can you give me that promo since this is an addition to my triple play?" He responded with oh yes let me do that for you! It was so simple and easy and I just saved us $190 (includes the tax/fees) for the year!

This is very YMMV you may get turned down, but it is definitely worth a try! Some people are saying that they are being charged a 1 time fee of $2 or something like that if they don't already have the box but would like to go pick one up at a comcast office. Oh yes make sure you tell them YOU will pick up the box if you don't have one already because otherwise they will charge you some "service fee or installation fee" for a tech to come out and hook the box up. So tell them you will do it yourself.

Some other things you may be able to get: Showtime for $1/month for a year. Ask about all their promos and see what they are willing to give you!