Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shaws Trip 10/06

Total Before Savings: $83.76
Total OOP: $4.00
Final Cost: $0.04/sandwich
Back when I first found out about this week's Shaws promo I ordered a bunch of $0.75/1 Uncrustable coupons from ebay because I knew it would be a great deal! See my Shaws post for more details. You buy 6 boxes at $2.50 each use (6) $0.75/1 coupons which double to $1.50/1 pay $6 and get $5 back. We did one run the first day like that and then placed an order with the grocery manager since we would each need 24 more boxes to use up our coupons and we did not want to keep coming in and clearing the shelves. Not our style at all. So my friend and I placed an order with our closest Shaws and went today to pick them up.

We did 4 Transactions of:

(6) Uncrustables $2.50 each
-(6) $0.75/1 coupons
-$5 CAT from previous order
=$1.00 OOP

Our total was $4 OOP for 24 boxes of Uncrustables! $0.04 per sandwich! Now I need MUCH more freezer space :-P


Eden said...

GREAT job! wow! where did you get the smuckers coupons? i cant seem to find any anywhere...thanks!

Ronell said...

I ordered them on ebay the week before the promo so I would get them in time. I know here we got $1/2 uncrustables so def not as hot of a deal.

Hey have you found the $1/2 Pillsbury baking product tearpad at your stores?

Eden said...

im sorry. just went back & saw that you said you got them on ebay. lol. i must have REALLY been out of it. sorry!

haven't seen the tearpad yet, but didn't know to look for it. whats that about?