Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shaws Trip 10/18

Hi everyone! It's been a busy weekend for me and I know I haven't been on to post my scenarios for you all, I'm sorry! I went out Friday and did a few little transactions, but didn't have time to take photos and post. Today I went out for a bigger trip and guess what? I have some fantastic news for you.....ready??? This promo DOES DOUBLE!!!! I finally got to take a pic and was about to post I and realized I can't find one of my 4 receipts. So here is what I could find for you! I still don't have the time to break it all out for you but you can get an idea or two from this I hope! Here are my totals from 4 transactions!

Total OOP: $3.1o (estimating my 4th receipt I know it was not more than $1 oop)
Gained $12.50 in CATS

(6) Green Giant Steamers (2.00psp) $1.79
(10) Green Giant canned veggies (1.50psp) $0.75
(1) Chex Mix (2.69) $1.67
(3) Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis (2.50psp) $1.67
(2) Flour (2.89psp) $2.00
(4) Fiber One (4.29psp) $2.00
(2) Total (5.29psp) $2.00
(1) Bisquick (3.19psp) $3.00
(2) Pillsbury Savorings (3.99psp) $3.33
(29) Crescent rolls, crescent seamless dough, cinn rolls, grands biscuits
(1) Eggs (filler)
(2) Mini Handsanitizers (free w/ $1/1 equaline coupon at the pharmacy awhile back)

Coupons Used:
(6) $0.50/1 Steamers from my sidebar --->
(1) $0.50/1 chex mix from my sidebar --->
(3) $0.50/1 warm delights from my sidebar --->
(2) $0.50/1 flour from
(4) $0.75/1 fiber one from my sidebar --->
(2) $0.75/1 total from my sidebar --->
(1) $0.60/1 bisquick from my sidebar --->
(2) $1/1 savorings mailer q
various pillsbury coupons from inserts and printables
(2) $1/1 equaline coupons

You should be able to come up with some great scenarios based on the presale prices I gave you and the coupons that you have available! Also it's very YMMV on your printables doubling when they say do not double on them! Good luck and feel free to share you scenarios! I will be out again tomorrow when my veggie coupons come in and I will make sure to break down the scenarios for you!


Anonymous said...

So, do you freeze all of those pillsbury dough products?

Ronell said...

Hi Debbie, Yes I stuck them all in the freezer! We actually had a discussion about this on SD this week and a lot of people confirmed that they have frozen these in the tubes before and they are completely fine. They don't expode (which is what I was affraid of). When you thaw them just stick them in the refrigerator and they taste just the same. Hope that helps!

Dot said...

um...I tried twice to double at my shaw's in NH and it didn't double either time. :(

Anonymous said...

It does not double in CT!