Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shaws Trip 11/12

Here is the last hurrah. I Have been so sick for the past week, so have my two little ones, so I have been home wiht them trying to rest up and fight this sickness. Today I was finally feeling better and had to get in my last few runs I could since today was the last day of the sale! I can't believe that I was sick the whole week, too sick to Shaws, that's criminal! =) So here is what I did tonight (I did 3 double runs).

Total Before Savings: $187.82
Total OOP: $3.62
Started with: $55 in CATs
Ended with: $60 in CATs
Profit Of: $1.38

Sorry it's late, I am wiped and the sale ends today so I won't be breaking up my transactions for you. If you have a question you can email me tonight and I will try and get back to you. The cashier missed a couple coupons so my last two transactions were more than expected OOP. Still ahead though! I started this week with $5 in CATs, lost some due to machines offline, got many items that my family needs/uses and paid very little OOP along the way, can't ask for more!


Anonymous said...

WHOO HOO! Good for you!
Thanks for all of your great tips.
I have 12 jars of pasta sauce, 10 boxes of cereal, soup and so much tea to donate to the food pantry in our town. I am so happy!
Your advice is a blessing - instead of one bag, I am up to about 10-15 for less than the usual amount I am out of pocket!
Is Shaw's going to revoke my rewards card?

Anonymous said...

This was a great sale! We have enough Wishbone salad dressing to get us through the next year, plenty to donate to food pantries, and I used the overage from that to buy markdown cheeses and some special treats for the kids. Hoping some good sales come in the next few weeks to use up my cats on.

Eden said...

great job! i was really loving it. but now im so tired from last week i am looking forward to a slower week there. :)