Sunday, June 22, 2008


This morning we all got dressed and ready as soon as we woke up to head out to Target. Jon has been wanting a Wii forever and every time we try to get one they are out of stock. So we knew Target was having a special starting this morning and planned an early shopping trip. So I figured while I was there I might as well pick up a few items for free or nearly free :-)

Or so I thought! We had the worst cashier ever this morning, she was so rude it was unreal! She rang up all my items then I handed her all my coupons. I should have known right then and there when she gave me this nasty eye because *gasp* how dare I use coupons!! How dare I ruin her day that way! lol. So of course she checked EVERY SINGLE item and tried to fight me on everything. She would ring some of the coupons in and adjust them down (which I have never had happen at Target they ALWAYS just scan them for me and give me overage) then she would look at another coupon and say oh you can't use this cause it's for more than the product costs. WHAT??!! I'm like you just adjusted down the other coupons! I just took my coupons back from her I can use them another time at Target when I have a more friendly cashier! I was not about to argue with her and then have to call over the manager over a few free items that I could get another time. I had the whole family with me and a long line of people forming behind me so I just had her take off the items that she wouldn't let me use coupons for. What a pain in the neck! Oh well, you win some you lose some! lol.

I purchased all of the items below for $9.39
Here is the breakdown:

(1) Powerade on sale for $0.79. Used a $0.75/1 newspaper coupon making it $0.04.

(1) Nature's Valley Granola Bars $2.49. Used a Target Coupon for $0.75 and a $0.65 manufacturer's coupon (that you can print from my sidebar at or try making them $1.09.

(1) Durex Play $4.99. Used a $5.00/1 coupon making $0.01 in overage (the only one she scanned!)

(2) Travel Size Renu contact solution $0.99/ea. Used (2) $1/1 coupons (that you can print from my side bar at she adjusted these down making them free.

(1) Oral B Dental Floss $0.97. Used a $1/1 newspaper coupon. She adjusted this to $0.99 for some reason so I made $0.02 in overage. woo hoo! lol.

(2) Packages of Pirate Birthday Invitations for my son's 2nd Birthday $3.99/ea.

So yes this would have been a lot better had she let me use all my coupons and given me my overage, but what can you do!