Saturday, June 21, 2008


I purchased all of the items below for $10.84
Here is the breakdown:

(1) Gallon of Whole Milk $1.99

(1) Gallon of Fat Free Milk $1.99

(1) Loaf of wheat break $0.99

(1) Package of English Muffins $0.89

(1) Package of Bacon $1.99

(1) 2lb container of grapes $2.99

We go to Aldi for all of the staple items that we need in the house. Milk, bread and eggs are super cheap and so is their produce for the most part! Also for being a cheap store their produce is excellent! Sometimes I think it is better than the other chain grocery stores in our area! I suggest you go check out your local Aldi if you are lucky enough to have one!