Saturday, June 21, 2008


I purchased all of the items below for $12.58
Here is the breakdown:

(1) Can Enfamil Lipil w/ Iron (we rarely use formula but my $7 check was expiring and I knew I could get overage) $5.48. Used a $7 check from Enfamil making $1.52 in overage.

(1) Darkening Shade for the baby's room $5.97.

(1) Pack of Glucerna Shakes $5.94. Used a $10 off coupon making $4.06 in overage. FOUND HERE. INSTRUCTIONS-1.) Click Join Now 2.) Enter personal Info. (use CATALINA as promo code) and click "Create Account" 3.) Enter details then click on "Calculate Body Mass" 4.) Select "lose Weight" from option, click on "NEXT" 5.) Fill in required details and click 'FINISH" 6.) Click "Return to your personalized home page." Glucerna $10 coupon is on this page .. May Print 2x's. Thanks to Centsible Sawyer.

(1) Jar Candle $4.92 - splurge for myself! lol.

(4) Post Its $0.97/ea. Used 2 ofthese $3/2 coupons making $2.12 in overage.

(1) Travel size Gold Bond Lotion $0.97. Used a $2/1 coupon that I had (maybe from the paper?) making $1.03 in overage. You can also find $1/1 coupons HERE making $0.03 in overage.

(2) Travel Size clean and clear face wash $0.97/ea. Used this $3/2 coupon making $1.06 in overage.

(2) Bottles of Juicy Juice $2.57/ea. Used 2 of these $1/1 coupons making them $1.57/ea.

(2) Jars of Jiffy Peanut Butter $2.34/ea (they were supposed to be $2.08/ea this is why I hate Walmart stuff ALWAYS rings up wrong for me and I never catch it until I am in my car). Used a $1/2 coupon from the paper making them $1.84/ea should have been $1.58/ea.

(1) Index Card Holder $1.47 (to organize my coupons).

(6) Yoplait Light Yogurts $0.58/ea. Used (2) $0.60/3 coupons from which you can print in my side bar :-)

Now for me $12.58 seems like a LOT to spend on all of that, I usually only spend 5 bucks or less but that is because I need the darkening shade that was almost 6 bucks and no coupon and I splurged on a candle that was almost $5.

*Remember prices may vary and your store may not allow coupon overage.