Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blueberry Pickin'

My Oldest Son Jacob is now at the age that we can start taking him picking! We went yesterday to a Farm in Enfield, CT. They had everything there. I wanted to get some fresh veggies as well, but by the time we were done picking the blueberries the kids had had enough! It was really too hot for them and they were tired. We had a lot of fun though, Jacob loved it! I think he ate more than he put in his bucket though! lol.

Here is the end result, for some reason the picture makes it seem like a small bowl, but this is a large serving bowl that I have and it is almost filled! We got about 3lbs of blueberries! I froze most of them so that we can have fresh blueberries throughout the rest of the year, but somehow I don't think they will last that long! We love them! So the cost of blueberries at this farm was $1.99/lb. They also had raspberries still which I really wanted to get, but I think they were 2 or 3 something a pint, I can't remember, but at the time it seemed high to me. Does anyone know what a good price would be for those? The veggies I believed were $1.29/lb.

We plan to go back in a month or two when the apples are in season, I didn't know this but Raspberries are also in season again for the second time when the apples are! I never knew they came out twice.

So who else goes picking? We love it because you get fresh fruits and veggies so you feel really good serving them to your family, you know where they came from and you get them at a fraction of the cost, and best of all you are helping to support your local farms!


Z said...

We went blueberry picking this past weekend as well! :) Here are my girls at it Nicole and Victoria.

We usually pick strawberries, cherries (both sweet and sour) and apples, this was our first time picking blueberries. We looooved it! :)