Wednesday, July 23, 2008

ShopRite Baby Bucks Program

I was just thinking that some of my readers that have a ShopRite near them may not know about the Baby Bucks Program they offer. For every $75 you spend in baby products you get $10 off your next shopping order. The program has recently changed and in my opinion not for the better, but it's still a good program. It used to be that you could just check with the cashier if you had your $10 reward and they could just apply it to your order no matter how much you spent. Now it prints out at the bottom of your receipt and you can use it on your next $50 order. Now for most people $50 is easy to spend. For me it is VERY rare to spend that in one trip!

Also every Thursday at ShopRite every brand of diaper is an extra 20% off! This is a really good deal because most of the time diapers are on sale anyway then you take another 20% off then add some coupons to that and you can get a great deal!