Friday, August 29, 2008

FREEBIES In my Mailbox

This was all just from today! I'd say it was a pretty good day huh? lol.

I received the Pampers Diego Potty Training Kit. I'm a little bummed they forgot to include the sticker sheet in my kit.

FREE sample of TrueLemon products plus $1 coupon

(2) $1/1 Arnolds Product coupons. I sent an email requesting coupons. Remember that if you like a product and can never find coupons for it, it doesn't hurt to send an email and request some!

FREE sample of Pedia-Pop

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet with over $27 in savings!


Z said...

Can't wait to get home to see what's in my mailblox today :)

I got the booklet last night and there's a coupon for free bottle of Cascade there!

Do you remember when you registered for the potty training kit by any chance? I'm wondering how long did it take to get?.. Also, you may want to email them and let them know that the sticker sheet wasn't there - since the offer is still valid, they may send you one.

Ronell said...

I'm not sure. I posted the potty training kit on Aug. 1st so I assume that is when I ordered it. I know it took a LONG time though! I ordered one in my name and my husband's so we'll see if I get the other one! lol.