Friday, August 29, 2008

Ways to earn some extra cash!

I was over on Money Saving Mom's blog and just read her post about Inbox Dollars. You get paid to read emails, take surveys, etc. It's super easy and takes hardly anytime at all! I know that we are all looking for some extra money anywhere we can especially with the way gas prices are now! I literally JUST signed up and I have already made $5.75! Sign up with Inbox Dollars today and get $5 just for joining!
Do any of you have any other resources that you have tried and love?


Z said...

If you are looking for programs like Inbox Dollars, SendEarnings is exactly the same: they give you $5 for sign up and the offers/emails are the same too. Both pay $.02 per email read and a little more if you complete their offers. You need $30 to cash out though, and it may take a while.

If you are more of 'get paid for surveys' kind of girl, you may want to sign up with MySurvey if you haven't already: I'm averaging $30 per month with them. American Consumer Oprinion Panel pays per surveys as well as enters you into drawings every time you respond. Global Opinion Panel is good too: just in the past month I did 3 product tests and got $5 from them...
Also, ZoomPanel (they give you points that you can redeem for prizes - lots to choose from and accumulating fast), ViewPoint Forum... These two are by referral only, let me know if you'd like to join and I'll send you the invite.
There's probably more - but these came to mind straight away: I have just deposited my checks last week :)

beccaboo6132 said...

have you ever tried MyPoints? It's like inbox dollars but you get points for reading emails instead of 2 cents per message. and once you get enough points, you can cash them in for rewards. i just got my first $10.00 Target giftcard in the mail yesterday. =) and I have two more on the way. You get points for shopping online at target and walmart and a million other places if you click on the link through their site before you shop. I signed up for mypoints and inbox dollars at the same time, and I've already gotten 30.00 (closing in on my 4th $10.00 card) in rewards from mypoints and am only at 17 with inbox dollars. That's since April, and I don't even shop online that much! So with christmas and online shopping deals coming up, I would recommend signing up because you could have a lot of giftcards coming in right after the holidays! (it'll help with that post-holiday slump between christmas and taxes!)