Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Got My Gift From Allure Today!

Not sure how many of you knew about this, but Allure Magazine was having a promotion if you purchased two items from CVS off of their list of items to purchase and sent in the receipt they would send you a Cosmetic Bag and Samples. I found out about this late on slickdeals and I found a receipt laying around where I had purchased two Olay products, so I thought heck worth a shot! Well this was a month ago and to my surprise today UPS dropped this off to me!! Check out those "samples"! Most everything is FULL SIZED! So were any of you able to get in on this deal as well??

Here is what was included:

  • 4 Full size bottles of Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner
  • 1 makeup bag (totally forgot to put that in the pic! It's green and white)
  • Nexus Root Extender
  • 24.7 targeted wrinkle treatment
  • Revlon Lip gloss
  • Sample size of Nivea Lotion
  • Sample size of Ban deodorant
  • Sample size of KY Intrigue
  • Sally Hansen Lip Inflation
  • CVS Spray on sunscreen
  • Sample size Biore Blemish Fighting Cleanser
  • Goody Hairbrush
  • V05 Styling Moose
  • St. Ives body lotion
  • Biore Facial Scrub
  • Nair Hair Remover Shower Power w/ scrub

As you can see all but 4 of the items were FULL SIZED! I was totally shocked and excited!


Z said...

OMG! That is an AWESOME freebie!
I wish I knew about it: I have a ton of CVS receipts lying around...

Z said...

Ronell, do you know what is the cut off date for this deal?

I've found some CVS and would LOVE to get on this deal if it's not over.


Ronell said...

I believe it is over. I know I sent mine in towards the beginning of July and wasn't even expecting it, but so many people called and sent theirs in that they said they were sending out another shipment. I know there are people that sent theirs towards the middle of July and said they didn't receive anything. You could always get the number provided on slickdeals and call and ask them? Good luck! I was super excited to find out I made the cutoff!

Gee said...

Do you stil have the magazine? If so can you email the information? Thanks

Ronell said...

I never had the magazine. I got the information off of I am almost positive this promo has ended though. Please see my comment above. Thanks!