Sunday, September 14, 2008


We needed formula and CVS has enfamil on sale and with my enfamil coupons made it FREE, however it is the ready made stuff so this will last us like 4 days! lol.

Total Before Sales: $57.38
Total OOP: $1.76
ECB's Used: $0.00
ECB's Earned: $3.00
I did two transactions since the 1st store only had 2 cans of formula I went down the road to another smaller store that I hardly ever go to and scored awesome there! They are so small they close at 3pm on Sundays! lol.

Transaction #1:
(2) Enfamil $10.99 for both
(1) Kids safety scissors on clearance $1.75
(1) Malt-o-meal cereal on clearance $0.49 (I thought I might get overage from my $1 coupon I didn't though she had to adjust down)

Coupons Used:
$2 off $10
$1/1 malt-o-meal adjusted down
(2) $5 enfamil checks

Total OOP: $0.74
ECB's Earned: $0.00

Transaction #2:
(2) Enfamil $10.99
(3) Hersheys Bars 2/$0.99
(2) Campfire Marshmallows on clearance for $0.65/ea.
(1) Ambi Face Cleanser on clearance for $3.49 (YES ECB's did print for this one!!)
(1) Preventin scar treatment on clearance $3.75 (I had a cvs coupon for $5 off got this for the overage!)

Coupons Used:
$2 off $10
$5/1 Preventin
$3/1 Ambi
(2) $5 enfamil checks

Total OOP: $1.02
ECB's Earned: $3.00
(Ambi monthly deal)

So I made $1.24 for purchasing all of these items! I expected to spend more OOP just to get some items I needed, but hey I'll take it! Just when I was losing hope in CVS.


Anonymous said...

I've a question about the formula checks. I finally waned my son and now am starting to use the checks however, when I presented it at my CVS they refused it. They said it has no barcode so they can't use it as a coupon, but at the same time they tried scanning it as a check and that didn't work either. So my question is how did they accept ur formula check?? Thanks

~ Jenny

Ronell said...

They are supposed to enter it as a check. I am shocked that they wouldn't take it! Did you have them call over the manager? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes they called over the manager and said it just didn't work. Last time they tried it as a check I got this print out from transcheck. I called Transcheck and was told that these checks were to be treated as coupons. That's why I'm totally confused.

hollie said...

It is a check so they need to process it as a check. If once they try and run it through the machine and it doesn't go have them turn it around and try the other end and it should work. They have to go in the machine backwards than other checks. Hope this helps!

Ronell said...

I have been getting the same thing at CVS with them processing it as a check and that little slip pops up. They have just had to enter some code on the formula check then put it through again and it works, I couldn't tell you what they entered though! I hope you can get them to figure it out for you! Doesn't sound like they tried to hard and I'm surprised they aren't used to getting formula checks!