Monday, September 15, 2008

Did You Get on the Pssst General Mills Panel?

I first told you about it HERE. Did anyone else make it on the Panel? I just received my first product to test!
I received this full size box of Progresso Chicken Broth. What better time to receive something like this with soup season coming up! I can't wait to use it and I also can't wait to see what else they will send me and how often we will get stuff being apart of this group! They also sent me a bunch of $1.25/1 coupons which is a pretty high value coupon. I'm not sure how much these go for in the store, but with a sale and this coupon I imagine this could be a great price!

Keep your eye out for my coupon giveaway coming up, I will include a bunch of these coupons as well as some others! It's worth a shot trying to sign up still who knows they may accept more members on the panel!


Z said...

Good for you! Pssst is one of the few panels that I'm a member of but have never received anything from.

Z said...

they sent me an email last week to check my account - for information about a product that is supposedly coming in the mail... I logged in, and all I see is a product info for a product that would normally be sold frozen (pizza crust) and a link for a printable coupon. I'm wondering if they actually send a product or a coupon?.. how long does it take for them to ship the package after the email?