Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Walmart Freebies

Here is what I got FREE tonight at Walmart:

So we went to Walmart tonight originally I had wanted to get my binder and the baseball card sleeves. Of course our Walmart is remodeling and you cannot find a damn thing in that store! I honestly hate going to Walmart anyway and this just makes it that much worse. So they had no baseball cards or sleeves in the whole store and they only had like 2 binders to choose from and they were huge and ugly! lol. They had two isles of clearance so I was excited about that until I came across formula on clearance from $13.36 to $13.00 YES $0.36...WTF?? That is NOT clearance! lol.

So anyway I had $1/1 Glade Spray coupon that I had gotten out of a magazine in a waiting area at a repair shop sorry I don't remember the magazine all I know is they were OLD and I was shocked to see coupons that weren't expired! Glade spray at Walmart is $0.86 so I received $0.14 overage. Stupid me forgot that I also had a buy 1 get 1 FREE coupon so I could have gotten 2 FREE! Doesn't make much difference to me though because I am not crazy about the spray.

Also in this past Sunday's paper was a coupon for $3/3 Johnson's Buddies products, remember that the soap is $0.97! So I made $0.12 in overage there. So in all it covered tax on the items! lol.


beccaboo6132 said...

Walmart is my only store unless I want to travel 45 miles, but I can find deals there. I love their clearance. I just got a bunch of free cold medicines and remedies on clearance and they ended up being free (like airborne, which had a 2.00 off coupon in the paper two weekends ago... it was on clearance for 1.50!!!)
Those buddies coupons keep me sane. When I'm too broke to go shopping, my 'retail therapy' is digging out kotex and buddies coupons and grabbing an armload of both with my necessity purchases and it makes it feel like I bought SO MUCH MORE. =)

Ronell said...

The Walmarts around me in CT stink! They only mark down their clearance a tiny bit so it's not even worth buying! I find that a lot here in CT. While everyone posts about their CVS selling summer stuff for 90% off etc. Our stores JUST this week marked theirs 50% off!! lol.

Oh and I hear ya about the kotex and buddies! lol.