Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Beginners Scenario for Shaws This Week!

Ok I have many readers contacting me asking me how they can shop at shaws too and save money. I have a plan below for you to get started this week for little oop (out of pocket)! REMEMBER: Check YOUR store prices to make sure that your PRE-SALE total is $20 or over! Some places are reporting their soups are $2.50/can. So you may have to play around a bit.

6 cans of healthy choice soups (my store has the regular price of $2.69/ea. they are on sale for $1 this week)
2 boxes of swiss miss cocoa (my store has the regular price of $1.99/ea. they are on sale for $1 this week)

Use these coupons:
-(2) $1/3 Healthy Choice (they can be found in the store in a blinkie machine or they were also in a recent insert)
-(1) $1/2 ConAgra Products Printable coupon

Presale Price: $20.12
After sales & coupons: $5.00 (OOP)

You will receive a $10 on your next purchase (OYNP) coupon back. Do the deal again and this time add in filler items that your family will use/need to add up to the $10, pay with your $10 CAT (coupon) spend little to nothing OOP depending on what you add to your order and get ANOTHER $10 back. Keep rinsing and repeating! Don't forget to keep adding the items in your order that you need! I have gotten free milk, eggs, bread and many others this week! Enjoy :-)

Another side note: Seems some stores have fixed the tax issue with these catalina coupons and some haven't. If your cashier scans the $10 coupon in you will get a tax credit back, which is really nice! lol. Here in CT it will be $10 cat x 6% = $0.60. Then for some reason that is multiplied by 3 so that gives you $1.80 in tax credit for each $10 cat you use! So the $10 OYNP is really $11.80 OYNP! So remember to add in an additional $1.80 to your purchase so you are not negative at the register. Now as I said some cashiers have been told NOT to scan these coupons in and to manually enter them so we would not get the tax back in this case. So it's kind of a never know situation. I always add the $1.80 just in case because I don't want to be negative when I get to the register. I figure those times that I do have to pay more OOP I am still only paying like $2 for items that we need anyway and a whole lot of them! lol.


Eden C. said...

so would a $5 catalina after tax be $5.90 do you think? thanks so much!

Ronell said...

Yes! Exactly, I sent you this in an email too, I'm not sure if you ever got it though. You resent it to me and I resent one back to you! lol. Did you ever receive it?

Anonymous said...

ok so today made a mistake got charged 29 cents when really it was minus 29 cents tax thing messed me upbut im learning thanks to you so should we keep our cats and wait for next week or spend any look into the future

Ronell said...

I don't think there are any cat deals next week if that is what you are asking. There is a good deal with land o lakes butter $1.40!

BECKY! said...

Here in MA, the Healthy Choice Soups are Regular Price $2.50 - so if you do your scenario in the Boston Metro area, you won't hit the $20 needed.

My last two Shaw's trips had -$3.75 and -$7.75 in my MA Sales Tax! Woohooo!

Other ConAgra Prices are:
H.C. Cafe Steamers - Reg. $4.29, Sale $2.75

Pam - Reg $3.29, Sale $2.99

Wesson Oil - Reg. $6.79, Sale $3.99

Snack Packs - Reg. $1.39, Sale $1

Looking for the popcorn reg. price!

Eden C. said...

no, I never got the email. Sorry! that is strange...thanks for doing it though! and thanks for all the wonderful info...leaving now to go to shaw's for a few transactions! =)

Anonymous said...

It's Pre-Sale prices where you live...I am so jealous. I am in Las Vegas and last week as well as this week (I suppose) is on the sale price.

Heidi said...

Ronell I could kiss you.

I used my $5 OYNP from last week's 15/30 deal today at Shaw's. At the first Shaw's (in MA) I bought 8 HC Soups, used 2 $1/3 coupons from the store. Total was $6, so I only paid $1 OOP!

At the next Shaw's, did the same thing and somehow it rang up that I only owed 25 cents! hah!

So basically I just traded in 2 $5 OYNP for 2 $10 OYNP and it cost me $1.25! Oh, and I now have 16 cans of soup! Woohoo! (I would've kept going, but the kiddos had enough!)

Thanks so much!

Sarah Marie said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your next post for any good deals starting today! I did quite a few transactions last week and ended up with a good stockpile of my own, plus lots of soup, cereal, and cocoa to donate to the local food pantry. Your blog is so helpful!

Ingrid said...

Ronnell...You and Shaws stocked my freezer, cabinets, pantry, and beyond....I even have everything for thanksgiving already....your the best. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease keep the shaws deals coming. Thanks from CT.