Sunday, November 23, 2008

CVS Trip

Needed diapers once again so made my trip to CVS because you know I do NOT pay for diapers! :-)

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $41.95
ECBs Used: $21.44
Total OOP: $2.03 (miscalculated so it should have been less!)

Here is the breakdown:

Transaction #1:
(1) Symphony Bar $1 (didn't actually need this I miscalculated!)
(1) Complete contact solution $8.99 get $8.99 back
(1) Maybeline Foundation $8.99 get $8.99 back

Coupons Used:
$3/1 maybeline foundation 10/26 inserts
$1/1 Complete 10/26 inserts

Total OOP: $1.51 (would have been $0.51 had I recalculated my totals, I was originally planning on using $2/1 printable coupon for the contact solution, but the campaign ended and I found the $1/1.)
ECBs Used: $10.47
ECBs Earned: $17.98
Profit: $6 even!

Transaction #2:
(1) Huggies Mega pack $14.99
(1) Hersheys Bar $1 (filler to use the 3/15 coupon)

Coupons Used:
$1.50/1 Huggies Mailer

Total OOP: $0.52
ECBs Used: $10.97

Remember even though it looks like I lost a lot of ECBs, I got diapers and other goodies for $2 OOP! And always know that you will earn more ECBs if not this week then the next! I remember when I first started doing this I would look at peoples deals and think man but they just lost $10 or $20 in ECBs!! It wasn't until I really understood couponing that I realized there will always be a money maker around the corner so that you can build up your ECBs again! That is why I rarely ever pay for diapers anymore! I always try to figure out a way to work them into a CVS deal! Hope that helps some of the newbies out there to couponing...remember to always get what you NEED on top of all the freebies! As long as you still have a good $8 in ECBs you should always be able to keep rolling them!


BECKY! said...

So funny - yesterday I was telling my husband "I have $46 ECBs and it's too overwhelming for me!" He said "why don't you just go in there and get $20 worth of stuff you want?" My reply (of course) - "you mean like stuff not on sale?" It is sometimes good to lose ECBs if you need the stuff!

Ronell said...

Ya I always use mine on diapers. Diapers are ridiculously expensive and they way we go through them is nuts, so I always find a way to work them in!