Sunday, November 23, 2008

FREEBIES at Walgreens 11/23 - 11/29

I don't do Walgreens much so therefor don't post their deals, but I was skimming through the flier and saw these two freebies I wanted to tell you about.

Hunts Tomato Sauce $0.29/ea with in-ad coupon

FREE plus possible overage with $1/2 Printable

Sure Deodorant $0.49/ea after Easy Saver Coupon
FREE plus possible overage after $1/1 Printable.

Also Wrapping Paper is Buy 1 at $1.99 get TWO FREE. This is a good deal anyway, but if you are allowed overage and you purchase the above two items you could use your overage to pay for the wrapping paper as well! How sweet is that!

Since I don't do Walgreen's hopefully one of my readers could help me out. I know that you need the same amount of items as you have coupons at walgreens, but does this count for their store coupons as well? For the two free items this week can I use the store coupon AND the manu coupon or do I need to add some fillers in?


couponmami said...

Hey girl....wags q's do not count towards the q requirement. Only manufacturer's q's count, and RR's (register rewards) are considered manufacturer's q's. So in ur scenario, u would not need to add any "fillers". HTH.

Ronell said...

Thanks a bunch! I thought that was the case, but wasn't sure. What about overage then do you usually get it when using a wags coupon and a manu?

couponmami said...

yes, but you always give manu q's first, then wags q's...if u do it the other way around, then no overage & sometimes a no go with manu q's.
i like it when they have an in ad q (IVC) for BOGO; for example, BOGO wrigley's gum a couple of week's ago - i gave them my BOGO manu first then the IVC and got two packs for free.
noteworthy, if they are having something on sale for BOGO (not an IVC, just a store sale), they do not let you use two manu q's, at least not in my experience.