Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Shaws Deals Next Week!

Just wanted to let all my new Shaws readers know to save those catalina coupons because we can roll them all once again into all the awesome deals for next week! I will be posting the deals sometime tonight, so keep an eye out! Or you can just subscribe to the right and get it right in your email! And as always I will keep you updated on how these deals work as I try them out myself! It always takes a little trial and error sometimes with these catalina deals!

Well take care for now and I hope everyone is well stocked from this week! I don't think I can fit another package of veggies in my freezer!! This couldn't come at a better time though because my 7 month old just started eating table foods, so I just steam him up some of those veggies cut them up and viola his dinner! And best of all FREE!!!


Eden C. said...

yeah i saw that in the ad! i can't wait to see what deals you can come up with! and i can't wait to try them too! =) i wonder if they will have a limit on this one, because everyone here sure is complaining to put a limit on those kind of deals...=(

Ronell said...

Hi Eden, have you gotten my emails? I saw you resent that one this morning, I had responded twice, not sure if you are getting them...weird?!

Sarah Marie said...

I discovered your blog today and prompty went out and got $150 worth of groceries at Shaws for $2 (once I used a bunch of good coupons, and then factoring in all the catalinas I got to put in my wallet as I left!) I've been loving coupon blogs/sites lately, but yours is one of the first I've found that has good east coast grocery store deals, so thank you! I'll be checking back often.