Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reusing Your Pumpkin

Today my task is to gut and cook our pumpkins! The kids just painted their small pumpkins and we were going to carve our big one but never got to we were so busy! lol. So today I am going to bake them all and make pumpkin puree. How do you cook down your pumpkins? Do you chop, peel and boil or do you just bake them? I should have enough to freeze to use later on as well. So lets hear some of your favorite pumpkin recipes! I need some ideas on what to make, I'm thinking of making a bread tonight and would love some recipes you have tried and love!


Amy said...

2 cups pumpkin + 1 box of spice cake mix = easy, yummy pumpkin muffins, ohh and probably free if you picked up some spice cake in those shaws deals! thanks so much for sharing all your deals. I found your site yesterday and made out crazy with shaws last night and hopefully again today!