Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Final Shaws Trip Last Week

I'm so sad to see these deals over with, I got so many free groceries for my family I was loving it! I still have $50 in Cats and a $10 Turkey Cat that I need to use before we leave for vacation! I am hoping to turn the $10 cats into gift cards. Has anyone done this successfully at any of the CT stores? The $10 cats have no restrictions on them, but I can totally see the East Hartford store giving me a hard time about this. They haven't been on my good side lately! lol.

I purchased $25 in Kraft products to get the $10 turkey cat (remember based on PRESALE prices and is still going on this week!) and 1 conagra deal in 1 transaction at the Manchester store then I went to my store here in East Hartford and they had a TON of soup! I was shocked because all the other stores had nothing left. So I grabbed 12 cans enough to do 2 transactions. I wanted to do many more transactions, but I had both kids with me and it was past their bedtime, so you could imagine what that was like! lol.

Total for all this was $0.41 OOP!!
The pledge wipes were 50% off and there is a blinkie machine with $1.50/1 coupons making these like 30 something cents! The East Hartford store didn't have a sign up but I took 2 to the register and sure enough they rang up 50% off, so it may be worth checking out this week as well!

For each of my soup transactions I had like $6 in overage so I got lunch meats, hamburger, baby food, rolls, organic animal crackers, organic salsa, and the pledge wipes.
Not sure if the Wild Harvest sales are through this week. But use the $1/1 coupon that I posted about earlier and the animal crackers are $0.50 after sale. Baby food is regularly $0.79, I am sure you could use 1 coupon for each jar and get overage, but I have been using 1 coupon per 2 jars making them $0.29/ea, not bad for organic baby food! The salsa was on sale for $2 making it $1 after coupon.


Innocent Observer said...

Is the ConAgrA deal still working? Holy Cow!!!

Ronell said...

No, It's not this was all done on Thursday night! I so wanted to squeeze in more transactions, but hubby had work call and it was just me and the kids and they had enough! lol.

BECKY! said...

Hey! Hope you're feeling better! Do you know if the Kraft Deal is pre-sale prices? I don't cook poultry with bones (it grosses me out!) but might be doing enough Kraft this week to generate the coupon. Thanks!

Ronell said...

Hi Becky, thanks! I am thankfully, I was hoping I would be better before our long venture to FL! lol. Yes the Kraft promo is PRE-SALE prices! I actually have a fantastic scenario that I am about to post if you have the coupons!